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Advanced science and engineering

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A wide range of activities will enhance your child’s interest in art and science


Fun and interactive games allow children to learn while they play.


Our hands-on activities will cultivate your children's logical thinking skills, giving a sense of accomplishment when they complete them

Go back in time to explore important inventions in history, and create your fascinating scientific engineering projects.

Step up your child's STEAM game with Tinkerer’s Explore Box! Unlike other projects on the market, our hands-on assembly process provides a deeper insight into the science, art, and technology principles at play. Our project, paired with an educational magazine, introduces children to the practical applications of scientific theories in everyday life. With ongoing advancements in science and technology, cultivating interdisciplinary understanding, exploration, and innovation will give your child an edge.

Explore the wonder of incredible STEAM and art inventions

Air Engine

Build an air engine from the turbine up and create an airstream that levitates balls in mid-air! Explore the Bernoulli principle and discover how the science works. Adjust air volume and velocity and observe the ball float up and down. Build a wooden disk launcher and challenge your friends to a fun shoot-out and see who can knock the balls out of the air!


Design and manufacture a hand-cranked automaton that makes balls climb stairs! Explore the working principle of automatic machinery and how automation is used in modern computers.

Infinity Mirror

Explore infinity with our Infinity Mirror and Explore Magazine. You’ll assemble an infinity mirror using a set of mirrors and lights, learn about different types of light reflection, take a look at infinity throughout history, explore its many uses in art and science, and play with mirrors to create your own model of infinity.

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